real biathlon compiles available data on top-level biathlon races, attempting to build the most complete database of the sport. The website offers detailed results for all Biathlon World Cup, World Championship and Olympic events, as well as data for individual athletes and national teams. Besides race results, the website provides in-depth analysis and visualizations of most statistics in biathlon.


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The data on this website is primarily based on official biathlon race results as provided by the sport’s governing body, but is merged with data from other sources if needed.

- IBU Datacenter: The official results posted by the International Biathlon Union (IBU) on https://www.biathlonresults.com/ are the primary source for all data. IBU race results are used unless there is a specific reason not to. However, IBU data for early World Cup seasons, particularly seasons before 1990, is often incomplete; therefore data from secondary sources is incorporated.
- Run&Shoot App: Developed by Vladimir Filatov, Run&Shoot is a desktop application designed to provide biathlon data as far back as 1958 (see http://www.runshoot.ru/ and Run&Shoot App). Unfortunately, the program was discontinued in 2019. The Run&Shoot SQLite database has been utilized to collect data for races that are incomplete and/or missing in the IBU results.
- Wikipedia: In order to collaborate results from the Run&Shoot App and for historic Biathlon World Cup scores, Wikipedia was used for data comparison. Besides the English Wikipedia, the German edition has been utilized in particular to fill in missing information, since it offers the most complete data of historic results (see for example Biathlon World Championship medalists and Biathlon World Cup winners).